Bedsitter in Nairobi

Bedsitter Chronicles.

If you have lived life in Nairobi from grass to grace you must have lived in a bedsitter at some point in time. It is a room that’s fully equipped to meet your needs. Most bedsitters have a room where one is expected to partition it into a living room and bedroom, there are the kitchen area and washroom and if you lucky you might get one with a balcony. Some are very large ranging from ten thousand Kenya shillings to thirteen while the smaller once cost approximately six thousand Kenya shillings to ten thousand Kenya shillings.

Bedsitters do have other costs like electricity bill where the tenant pays for electricity via Mpesa mostly known as Tokens. Garbage collection is paid for too by the tenant and water bills. However other classy bedsitters have wifi installed for you to access the internet you have to pay a certain amount for you to be connected. Living in a bedsitter in Nairobi alone is comfortable but when you are living more than two like most students do it becomes congested and very uncomfortable.

Advantages of living in a bedsitter are; Distances from one place to another are very short therefore you can do all chores while sitting in one position and bills are never that expensive. Disadvantages are; limited space hence you cannot buy a lot of items and there is less circulation of air at times making it very uncomfortable especially when you cook.

Bedsitters chronicles are all that I have mentioned above. As described now you understand what bedsitter entails but also you can use House Link as such tool to find lists of spacious bedsitters that are available for rent in Nairobi.