Houselink Rentals Website

Houselink Rentals Website

You can advertise an apartment for rent at numerous website online, and many of them are free as Some websites allow tenants to narrow their searches based on area, price, and the number of bedrooms and baths. .

Thousand of people use houselink website to search for their future homes. You can list your property on Houselink Marketplace, post a status update on your account, post a photo and share it on various social media.

Property to rent in Nairobi

Property to rent in Nairobi

Are you looking for a perfect property to rent in Nairobi?  You will agree with me it not easy to find a property that fits what’s in your mind. There are specific features that you will be looking while searching for property to rent that are specific and these will make it hard to find it easily. This doesn’t mean that property is not out there, but it shows that finding it is not easy.

There are some elements that you should consider before choosing the property to rent, whether it’s an apartment or a house.

These elements include:


  • Before you decide to rent a property whether it’s an apartment, bungalow or mansion consider the cost and gauge if you can afford to pay the rent. Do not go for a house which the rental cost is too much that after paying the rent you will be left struggling to make ends meets. Look for a house in areas where rent is relatively cheaper. For instance, instead of struggling to pay Kes 25,000 rent for a one bedroom apartment in Parklands you can move to Uthiru and pay Kes 10,000. Always make sure you go for a house that is 30% of your basic salary to avoid struggling to pay rent.


  • Security is important when finding a house to rent. Before deciding on which house to rent you should weigh in the security level of the estate where that property is located. Try to balance the cost and security and cost aspect and, if the property does not meet these two features don’t go for it. Look properties that are located in secure areas such as near police station and security features like CCTV and gate Askaris.

Personal Preference

  • You should choose a property that is appealing to you, such as serene environment, noise-free etc. you might also choose a property in a certain area because you are preference is to find a rental property in that area. Personal preference is important because if end up finds a house in another place the possibility of not settling is very high. But when you find a house meets all your personal preferences you might live there until you buy your own house.

Basic Amenities.

  • Find rental property in estates that have all basic amenities. Water electricity, sewerage, and health centers. Always find a house that has all the basic amenities because there are key to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.


  • Look for a property that meets your needs, for instance, if you have a family choose a house that will be able to comfortably accommodate your family. The is a key factor when choosing a property to let. On the issue on size is varies according to personal preference, there are those who would prefer a bigger kitchen, bigger bedrooms or even bigger closets. Choose a house that meets your size preference.

You can check Houselink Rentals if there is any suitable property for rent if you are looking for one.




4 Tips for Finding a Good Rental House/Apartment

4 Tips for Finding a Good Rental House/Apartment.

Renting allows you to have to a place you can call home by paying an amount agreed between you (tenant) and the owner or property manager (landlord). Renting offers a solution to individuals who cannot afford to buy houses. If you are not able to afford a loan or mortgage you will still be able to have a home through renting.

Find a house for rent is no easy job, especially if you have a family. You will have to find a vacant house in a neighborhood that is easy to access schools, health centers, and security. The following are some tips that will help you find a perfect rental house.

  1.  Start house hunting early in the month.

If you want to find the best and quality rental property you should start searching early in the month. The best rentals are available early in the month after the former tenants have vacated. If it’s possible you may start house hunting even 2 or 3 months earlier. This will help you find the standard rent charged per month in the neighborhood you’re planning to rent a house. More also, the best rental homes in terms of pricing, location, and quality are most likely to be vacant during that period.

  1.  Use online Sources.

Most people use websites that list apartments or house for rent to find the desired home. The benefit of using an online source is it eases the hustle of walk or driving in estates looking for a house for let signs. It will also give you the general pricing of the type of house you are looking to rent. After finding a house that impresses you, contact the agent and visit the house to see the condition of the house.

  1.  Word of mouth.

Ask your friends who have lived or are living in the estate you are looking for a house to rent. If you know somebody who lives or used to live in the estate you are searching for a rental house ask them to know the price range, availability of amenities and transport. Specify the type of house you are looking for if it’s an apartment, bungalow or mansion.

  1.  Assess whether the rent is fair.

After finding a vacant house you are interested to rent, search and compare other similar rental houses in the same neighborhood to make sure you are not overcharged.

Renting a home in Nairobi

Renting a home in Nairobi

Your “landlord” is the person who owns the house or building you live in. For larger buildings, the landlord may hire a “property manager”  to collect rent and manage the building.

Each renting property has different rules for:

  • renting
  • what landlords and tenants are responsible for

The property manager(Agents or Landlords):

  • tell you how to rent
  • explain the rule for each renting property
  • give you their contact information

In general, your landlord:

  • collects the rent
  • keeps your building safe and in good condition
  • provides everything that is included in your rent

As a tenant, you must:

  • pay your full rent on time
  • keep your home clean and maintain it well
  • contact the landlord when anything needs to be fixed
  • let the landlord or property manager enter your home to:
    • do repairs
    • show the apartment to other people (if you’re moving out)

Your landlord must let you know if they’ll be coming into your apartment.

Finding a place to rent in Nairobi

There are many ways to find houses or apartments to rent. You can:

  • Ask your friends
  • Check the classified ads in:
    • newspapers
    • community centers
    • bulletin boards in shops(House to let)
  • Check online classified ads such in Houselink Rentals
  •  Visit rental agency websites
  • pay a rental agency to help you find a rental home
  • visit neighborhoods and look for “For Rent” signs on houses or buildings

Before you visit a place you might want to rent, make a checklist of questions you may want to ask the landlord or agent.

Moving in and signing a lease

When you agree to rent a place, you and your landlord should sign a lease.

A lease is a written rental agreement that outlines everything you and your landlord have agreed to. It’s a legal document, so make sure you read and understand every word. You may choose to ask someone to go over it with you, such as a:

  • friend
  • relative
  • lawyer

Ask your landlord or the property manager to go over the rules and instructions for:

  • laundry
  • getting your contacts details
  • garbage and recycling
  • how the appliances work
  • tenant and visitor parking
  • using the intercom (in an apartment building)

A landlord may ask you for a rental deposit when you sign the lease. If you don’t pay the rent or you damage the home, the landlord will use the deposit to cover the costs.

When you move out, the landlord will either return the deposit to you or use it to pay for your last month of rent.

Paying the rent

You usually have to pay the rent to your landlord or property manager on the first day of every month. You can pay your rent:

  • in cash
  • Banks
  • Mobile money transfer(e.g Lipa Na Mpesa)

Make sure you ask your landlord for a receipt and keep it as proof of payment.

In some places, your rent may include some or all of your utilities, such as:

  • Parking
  • water
  • electricity

If they’re not included in your rent, you must pay these bills yourself.

Moving out

Before moving out, you must give written notice to your landlord that you’ll be leaving. You must give one, two or three months’ notice. This depends on the locations you live in.

Rent payment

Everyone always has a problem when it comes to paying bills, especially rent payment every end month. Once you fall into arrears with your rent, your landlord is entitled to begin legal proceedings to evict you from the property.  Your landlord does not have to negotiate with you. If you think you are going to be late with your rent payment, or you are unable to make a rental payment, talk to your landlord.

Alternatively, if there is a good reason for the late or missed rent payment, the landlord may be sympathetic but mostly they never are.  Advance notice will mean that your landlord may be able to take steps to minimize the effect that a missed payment will have.

If you are experiencing financial problems, you need to take action. Talk to a local advice agency on your rent paying delays. The sooner you start dealing with your money problems, the more options you will usually have.

Always pay as much as possible towards your rent even if you can’t afford to pay it all. This will show your landlord that you are making an effort to deal with the situation. It also means the debt does not become too large very quickly. It is worth paying what you can even if your landlord tells you that you must pay all of your rent. If your landlord refuses to accept your money, keep it in a separate account and keep offering to pay it.

If you have missed rent payments your landlord may let you pay back the money you owe over a period of time rather than in one payment. Try to agree on an amount that you can afford.


House Link

House to rent in Nairobi

Factors to consider when finding a house to rent in Nairobi

Packing up and finding a house to rent in  Nairobi city is a major undertaking, so it is imperative to do the necessary research and weigh up all the options before making the final decision. Below are factors to consider when finding a house to rent  in Nairobi


Location is of utmost importance in real estate and proximity to reliable public transport can have a positive impact on the appreciation of the home’s value over time. The majority of people spend a fair bit of their day commuting to and from work every day, so it is important to consider the distance from your house to the office. Other considerations would include whether there is access to public transportation, service hours, route and stops when considering a better house to rent in Nairobi.


For a family with children, the quality of the schools in Nairobi area is an essential element to consider. Homes close to schools that are highly sought-after will sell for higher prices. According to researchers, being near to a school in Nairobi can add the average house price.

Local businesses

Consider the businesses that you often frequent use, such as the bank, mall, pharmacy, and grocery store. Are these shops conveniently located within proximity to your prospective new home? For example, being near to a grocery store that stocks your daily staples is far more practical.


Amenities such as air condition, cable TV, balcony, lift, fire Extinguisher, emergency exit, tiled floor, generator, electricity tokens, gate askari are the great factors to consider when finding a house to rent in Nairobi. While proximity to amenities is important because it will influence the home’s investment potential, there is another element that relates to the buyer’s personal needs and wants. Someone who rates culture very highly will want to be near to art galleries and theatres, whereas someone who enjoys the nightlife will want to be close to restaurants, pubs, or dance clubs.


Not the area’s economy, but rather more specific factors that are influencing a certain area, such as a high crime rate. There will be telltale signs if an area is experiencing a financial decline, such as houses in need of attention, rundown parks, littered streets, and businesses closing down. Many people will want to move out of the area, so look for a prevalence of ‘for sale’ signs.

Using these guidelines will assist you to find the right house to rent in Nairobi that will meet all your needs, Also you can use House Link as such tool to find lists of properties that are available for rent in Nairobi.


Looking for a decent house

Have you searched for a decent house to live within Nairobi and its outskirts to no avail? Looking for a decent house to reside in can be a daunting task especially if you are not familiar with a place. We have found ourselves stuck in estates without a clue on where to start looking for a house.  More than often we roam from one apartment to another searching for an affordable house to rent which can take much of our valuable time. Looking for a house in town is like finding the lost trade-routes of the Sahara.

House Link is here to sort you out, we connect landlords to tenants.