House hunting in Nairobi

House hunting in Nairobi.

Have you ever found yourself wondering from the estate to estate looking for the house of your dreams? Everybody has those moments in life where you have to look for a house mostly known as house hunting in Nairobi. Where one goes to look for a house that fits his/her expectations trust me it’s not that easy especially in Nairobi. I will just give you hints on how to house hunt in Nairobi.

Whether you are looking for a house to buy or a rental house, planning before the road is always important. There are many factors to consider before starting the house hunting process in Nairobi. From weather, accessibility and personal security these are among the factors that you will need to look when highlighting the areas you will look for your new home.

Therefore, once you know you are on a house hunt look out for the weather, you can’t go house hunting in Nairobi on a rainy day. You will be limited to reach some places because of the muddy roads, very disgusting water maybe draining together with sewage that’s Nairobi for you. Therefore just to be safe always carry an umbrella or a shower cape (for the ladies) with you whenever you go on a house hunt.

Sunny days can be bearable for one to house hunt because you just have to wear lightly not some big warm jacket or trench coat with boots, you will fry up like bacon and sweat like a stuck pig. Capes would help on such a day to secure your forehead from harmful sun rays that will cause server sunburns. Light shoes are important too because you might have to walk for a very long time. House hunting maybe important so is your physicality.

Moreover, agents make work easier for you every time you want to go house hunting in Nairobi. Agents are people who know vacant houses in a particular place helping you not to move around helplessly. When you go to an agent he/she gives a list of vacant houses that seem to meet your specifications. They might even take you to the location for you to check out the house and make a decision but at a certain pay.

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