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Factors to consider when finding a house to rent in Nairobi

Packing up and finding a house to rent in  Nairobi city is a major undertaking, so it is imperative to do the necessary research and weigh up all the options before making the final decision. Below are factors to consider when finding a house to rent  in Nairobi


Location is of utmost importance in real estate and proximity to reliable public transport can have a positive impact on the appreciation of the home’s value over time. The majority of people spend a fair bit of their day commuting to and from work every day, so it is important to consider the distance from your house to the office. Other considerations would include whether there is access to public transportation, service hours, route and stops when considering a better house to rent in Nairobi.


For a family with children, the quality of the schools in Nairobi area is an essential element to consider. Homes close to schools that are highly sought-after will sell for higher prices. According to researchers, being near to a school in Nairobi can add the average house price.

Local businesses

Consider the businesses that you often frequent use, such as the bank, mall, pharmacy, and grocery store. Are these shops conveniently located within proximity to your prospective new home? For example, being near to a grocery store that stocks your daily staples is far more practical.


Amenities such as air condition, cable TV, balcony, lift, fire Extinguisher, emergency exit, tiled floor, generator, electricity tokens, gate askari are the great factors to consider when finding a house to rent in Nairobi. While proximity to amenities is important because it will influence the home’s investment potential, there is another element that relates to the buyer’s personal needs and wants. Someone who rates culture very highly will want to be near to art galleries and theatres, whereas someone who enjoys the nightlife will want to be close to restaurants, pubs, or dance clubs.


Not the area’s economy, but rather more specific factors that are influencing a certain area, such as a high crime rate. There will be telltale signs if an area is experiencing a financial decline, such as houses in need of attention, rundown parks, littered streets, and businesses closing down. Many people will want to move out of the area, so look for a prevalence of ‘for sale’ signs.

Using these guidelines will assist you to find the right house to rent in Nairobi that will meet all your needs, Also you can use House Link as such tool to find lists of properties that are available for rent in Nairobi.