Property to rent in Nairobi

Property to rent in Nairobi

Are you looking for a perfect property to rent in Nairobi?  You will agree with me it not easy to find a property that fits what’s in your mind. There are specific features that you will be looking while searching for property to rent that are specific and these will make it hard to find it easily. This doesn’t mean that property is not out there, but it shows that finding it is not easy.

There are some elements that you should consider before choosing the property to rent, whether it’s an apartment or a house.

These elements include:


  • Before you decide to rent a property whether it’s an apartment, bungalow or mansion consider the cost and gauge if you can afford to pay the rent. Do not go for a house which the rental cost is too much that after paying the rent you will be left struggling to make ends meets. Look for a house in areas where rent is relatively cheaper. For instance, instead of struggling to pay Kes 25,000 rent for a one bedroom apartment in Parklands you can move to Uthiru and pay Kes 10,000. Always make sure you go for a house that is 30% of your basic salary to avoid struggling to pay rent.


  • Security is important when finding a house to rent. Before deciding on which house to rent you should weigh in the security level of the estate where that property is located. Try to balance the cost and security and cost aspect and, if the property does not meet these two features don’t go for it. Look properties that are located in secure areas such as near police station and security features like CCTV and gate Askaris.

Personal Preference

  • You should choose a property that is appealing to you, such as serene environment, noise-free etc. you might also choose a property in a certain area because you are preference is to find a rental property in that area. Personal preference is important because if end up finds a house in another place the possibility of not settling is very high. But when you find a house meets all your personal preferences you might live there until you buy your own house.

Basic Amenities.

  • Find rental property in estates that have all basic amenities. Water electricity, sewerage, and health centers. Always find a house that has all the basic amenities because there are key to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.


  • Look for a property that meets your needs, for instance, if you have a family choose a house that will be able to comfortably accommodate your family. The is a key factor when choosing a property to let. On the issue on size is varies according to personal preference, there are those who would prefer a bigger kitchen, bigger bedrooms or even bigger closets. Choose a house that meets your size preference.

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