Rent payment

Everyone always has a problem when it comes to paying bills, especially rent payment every end month. Once you fall into arrears with your rent, your landlord is entitled to begin legal proceedings to evict you from the property.  Your landlord does not have to negotiate with you. If you think you are going to be late with your rent payment, or you are unable to make a rental payment, talk to your landlord.

Alternatively, if there is a good reason for the late or missed rent payment, the landlord may be sympathetic but mostly they never are.  Advance notice will mean that your landlord may be able to take steps to minimize the effect that a missed payment will have.

If you are experiencing financial problems, you need to take action. Talk to a local advice agency on your rent paying delays. The sooner you start dealing with your money problems, the more options you will usually have.

Always pay as much as possible towards your rent even if you can’t afford to pay it all. This will show your landlord that you are making an effort to deal with the situation. It also means the debt does not become too large very quickly. It is worth paying what you can even if your landlord tells you that you must pay all of your rent. If your landlord refuses to accept your money, keep it in a separate account and keep offering to pay it.

If you have missed rent payments your landlord may let you pay back the money you owe over a period of time rather than in one payment. Try to agree on an amount that you can afford.