What is the cost of renting a bedsitter in Nairobi?

What is the cost of renting a bedsitter in Nairobi?

Apartments rent prices in Nairobi depends on location, but a good quality apartment can be expensive. Generally, Nairobi is ranked 97th most expensive home rental city in the world. But, the most exciting thing is that you will find houses for both low-income earners and high-income earners.

The average rent for a bedsitter is Kes 7,000 in Nairobi the least expensive estates. In flashy estates, a bedsitter or a studio apartment will cost about15-20k.

Bedsitters and single rooms are the ideal rental properties for small families with a limited budget. There are some estates, where you can find bedsitters with excellent finishing and all basic amenities and cheap too.

Between single rooms and bedsitters, the latter are more common because they are self-contained. You will find bedsitters in almost every estate in Nairobi, but not all will be cheap.

In Nairobi, you can find the best bedsitters in the following estates; Donholm, Embakasi, Kahawa West, Zimmerman, and Ryosambu. These estates have many bedsitters an apartment that attracts low income earns especially young people. These areas are also secure and crimes rate are relatively low.

The cheapest rent you can pay for a bedsitter is 4000 in Kayole, the bedsitter ranges from Kes 4000- 7000. For colleges students in Colleges in Nairobi, CBD Ngara is a suitable place to find a bedsitter. Ngara is convenient because is in near the CBD, students can, therefore, walk to classes unlike estates far from CBD which will require commuting. Rent for bedsitters starts from Kes 6000 to 10000 per month.

You can also look for a bedsitter in Githurai where rent starts from 4500 to 6500. located along Thika Superhighway, Githurai is home to low-income earners especially those who work in informal sectors and small business people like hawkers and street vendors. It is convenient because rent is relatively cheap and commuting to CBD is also easy.